What Does Feldenkrais Look Like?

When people first hear about The Feldenkrais Method®, often they are intrigued: a gentle, intelligent way to use movement and awareness to improve posture, balance and a wide range of activities, functions and difficulties. Sometimes they even enjoy hearing about how it was created by an Israeli physicist with a blackbelt in Judo, with his own history of knee injuries. Then they ask, "Yes, but what does Feldenkrais look like?"

You could do a lot worse than watching this wonderful introductory video on The Feldenkrais Method® by Ruthy Alon, one of 13 Israeli practitioners Dr. Feldenkrais' personally trained in the 1960's. The title for the video, "Movement Nature Meant" is one of the catchiest descriptions of The Feldenkrais Method you will hear. Ruthy demonstrates a medley of movements and physical functions that are often used in Awareness Through Movement classes. Her narration is both poetic, simple, and clear. And her visual example sells the method better than just about anything out there you are liable to find on the internet about Feldenkrais.  Her message is simple: you too can move this well with Feldenkrais. Ruthy's numerical age isn't mentioned in the video (it was created in the 1980's I believe), but her vitality, flexibility and the flowing lightness and ease she embodies throughout rarely fail to elicit a "WOW" from viewers.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ruthy in 2007, when she came to teach her own "Bones for Life" course at the Feldenkrais Institute of NY, and she was as spry and effortless as you see here in these videos.  There are three other segments of the film you can watch on youtube.