(Video) A Look Inside Our Feldenkrais Sit-to-Stand Curriculum

Understaning How Ideal Organization creates Profound Strength, with Jeff Haller, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais and Andrew Gibbons. Visit www.iopsacademy.com for more information about our post-graduate program for Feldenkrais Practitioners.

Here's a Feldenkrais perspective on strength, power and self-organization.

I shot the video above to help promote our graduate program for Feldenkrais Practitioners:  IOPS Academy  (Ideal Organization and Profound Strength).  The program is lead by Jeff Haller, and begins this October 2015 (early bird deadline is July 15).  

In the video, you'll see three views of how we teach, practice and study the Sit-to-Stand function. It includes: 

  1. A workshop demonstration by Jeff Haller, working with a student and explaining the basic mechanics. 
  2. Source footage of Dr. Feldenkrais working with a client back in 1981. (Source: http://feldenkrais-method.org/archive/collection/ronald-lesson-3/, provided courtesy of the International Feldenkrais Federation archive). 
  3. My own daily practice and demonstration with various weights and everyday situations (eating meals, giving a piggy-back, picking things up from the floor, emptying the dish washer).

The material is equally useful for the general public, musicians, Feldenkrais practitioners and trainees. Before posting, I already received a call from a grateful woman in her 70s in Wisconsin with bad knees who used this video to improve her ability to get up from a chair. 

Please feel free to contact me with your questions, and add your comments below.  

I hope you enjoy it.