The Support Seminar

A mentoring program in Feldenkrais® principles with Andrew Gibbons, MM, GCFP.  
(for practitioners and trainees)

You are invited to my mentoring program for practitioners/trainees who want to train in Feldenkrais® principles. The program is based on the work I have done with Trainer Jeff Haller over the last eight years. It's called The Support Seminar because all Feldenkrais® principles rely upon and are reflected in the specific support you find from the surfaces you're on. 

If the Feldenkrais principles seem vague to you, or you struggle to understand support and how it works, these are excellent reasons to be in this mentoring program. Our focus will be refining your self-organization with great specificity so that you can embody the principles and teach them more effectively to your clients. We'll do this by studying ATM lessons, taking them apart to see how they work, and uncovering the specific support required for them to work well. We'll use a skeletal leg as well as a full skeleton model to see how the shape of your bones indicate their potential for support. Studying this way will help you integrate these often hidden elements of our curriculum into your practice.  

The program will be limited to 6 people. I have 3 tables at the office for our practice. Specific homework and ATMs will be assigned during the program. 

If you would like to speak to some of my colleagues or people I've mentored, I am happy to provide you with their names and put you in touch (some testimonials are posted below). 

Here are my thoughts on why you should come and what you'll get out of it, and a list of the principles. 

Please don't hesitate to call me with your questions at 347-460-9359.

I look forward to hearing from you.  


Andrew Gibbons, MM, GCFP

Where: 41 Union Square West, #409, NY, NY 10003            

Tuition: Register above or, if paying by check, make payable to "Body of Knowledge" and mail to 41 Union Square West, #409, New York, NY 10003. 

I've encouraged past participants to purchase a skeletal leg for study and use in their practice during the mentoring program and beyond. Here's where to get one:
American 3B Scientific


Saturdays: 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm

  1. ATM Lesson
  2. Finding the principles in the lesson
  3. 15-min Break
  4. Seeing the Principles in the Skeleton
  5. Do it Again: Going Deeper into the Lesson

Sundays: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

  1. Questions & Review from Saturday
  2. Partner FI work.
  3. 1 hr Lunch Break, 1:00 - 2:00 pm
  4. Auxiliary ATM
  5. Upright Practice: putting the principles to work in standing, walking, sitting... 


Testimonials for Andrew

"Feldenkrais has been part of my life for more than 30 years, and I have worked with many wonderful practitioners, so when I first experienced a class — and then individual lessons — with Andrew, I had a basis for comparison. After just one lesson, I knew I had found someone who has taken the work to new levels of precision, clarity and effectiveness. 

After mentoring with him during my own training, I put him to the test when I came to him for lessons following surgery for a broken upper arm. I had already rehabbed with others and on my own, but was not satisfied with my progress.  After just a few lessons, I improved with astonishing rapidity. His clear  touch; deep understanding of anatomy and function; and good-humored encouragement made feel that anything was possible. Best of all — in the true spirit of Feldenkrais — he reinforced my understanding of how to help myself between lessons, leaving me with key ideas to work with on my own. 

I can't recommend Andrew highly enough as a teacher for those at any level of ability."
— Madeline Rogers, GCFP


"I'm so excited Andrew is offering mentoring for practitioners!  His deep investment in Jeff's body of work has revealed a more concrete, practical, and nuanced approach to the method than I have yet encountered.  With remarkable artistry, Andrew's teaching offers specific, reliable principles that balance our work's demands for functional precision, adaptability, sensitivity to emergent experience, and conscious attention to the learning process. As a practitioner, I've often felt frustrated when my students improved temporarily after lessons but seemed to lack a clear, memorable means to further that improvement themselves.  Since mentoring with Andrew, I've begun to address certain gaps in my own knowledge and training as a practitioner — especially regarding a skillful relationship to the supporting surfaces at all times — and thus to teach, and study, along much more useful paths."  
— Tessa Chandler, MFA, GCFP, Lecturer Dance Dept, Barnard College


"I have been working with Andrew as my Feldenkrais teacher for the past 4 years. I took his mentoring program and FI sessions on a regular basis. I find his approach refreshing, caring and educating. As a novice teacher of the method I find the education part that Andrew is so dedicated to endowing to his students is an extremely important component of his gift as a teacher. His dedication to his own development and learning is obvious and his continued search to deepen his refinement is inspiring and encouraging.

Working with Andrew in FI I find strength, connections and grounding in my body. I feel more integrated and aware of times when I am habitually returning to  misalignment. All this and more influence my ability to maintain high physical activity with greater power and avoiding injuries."
—Dina Kushnir, GCFP

"Andrew Gibbons brings a fresh awareness of the Feldenkrais Method to each aspect of the work, FI, ATM, demonstration of function (e.g., playing the piano, walking, weight lifting). Each of his Functional Integration lessons is unique and helps new levels of organization to emerge. Questions are greeted with clear, thoughtful explanations and include instructive interpretations of the work. The mentoring I received from Andrew in class and the FI's after class at Jeff Haller's Advanced Trainings and his Victoria II Training greatly enhanced the value offered in those trainings. And that is saying a lot!!!"
—Bob Petersen, GCFP

"Andrew Gibbons is the Feldenkrais teacher I needed to meet years ago.  Learning the basic principles of movement and posture that he teaches is life changing.  Under Andrew’s expertise, I no longer have chronic pain and I avoided corrective surgery.  I have regained walking stamina and a more normal life. 

Andrew is keen in his assessments and phenomenally accurate with his touch.   He is patient and kind and invests himself deeply in the learning process.  In Functional Integration, ATMs and Mentoring, Andrew generously and concretely shares his knowledge providing substance that sustains me.  I continue to work with Andrew to refine the quality of my movement, my posture and my life.  I couldn’t have a better teacher."
—Margaret Lawson, GCFP


"Jeff Haller teaches that the skill and efficiency of our movements is determined by our ability to find support.  As practitioners, this understanding is key both to our own self use and to improving our clients' movements.  Living in Seattle, I have been fortunate to study extensively with Jeff.  I'm also fortunate to have gotten to know Andrew, as he has come many times to mentor with and learn from Jeff. Whenever he is in town, I get a FI lesson with him.  Andrew is a phenomenally talented teacher who fully grasps Jeff’s approach, embodies it, and has made it his own.  If I lived anywhere close to NY, I would do what ever it took to mentor with Andrew.  I recommend him whole heartedly!"  
— Laura Yedwab, GCFP

"Words like “essential” are overused, but in the case of Jeff Haller’s work, it's a perfect fit. Jeff's interpretation provides the fundamental building blocks for understanding and executing this work at its highest level. The clarity and precision that Jeff applies to his teaching also make it accessible for practitioners at every level of experience. Andrew, in turn, brings many talents to his teaching. He is a highly skilled practitioner in his own right and understands this work from the inside out. That, coupled with an encyclopedic knowledge, far-reaching creativity and a wonderful sense of humor make for an exciting learning opportunity!"
— Janet L. Wilson, GCFP


"I loved my initial Feldenkrais training, but feel that working with Andrew clarified many questions that have arisen as a working practitioner. Andrew creates a supportive environment where students can feel comfortable asking questions, and experimenting with movement in a lab-like atmosphere. Most of the ATM lessons involved very minimal movements, creating the conditions where I was able to attend to my movement in a deeply particular way. This approach allowed me let go of even deeper levels of tension and parasitic movements.

Andrew continues to be a student of the Feldenkrais Method in a focused and rigorous way, and his students benefit from his continuous learning. One of the biggest shifts I’ve had is—and this is huge—the reach of the sitz bones back as my body moves forward to come to standing, thereby taking the stress off my knees. My knees feel SO MUCH better since working with squats and sitting/standing using the spiral idea and the pelvis-back idea. I realized from dance, that hearing “knee over the toe” for so many years, caused me to send my knees forward, increasing the angle at my ankle and making a mess of the whole thing."
— Linda Natanagara, GCFP