What my clients say:

 "Andrew Gibbons is an excellent teacher. 
His intelligence compliments the high intelligence of the work."
— Kathleen Smith, AIA Architect, New York, NY

"I started working with the  Feldenkrais Method and Andrew after consulting several top NYC orthopedic surgeons about chronic pain in my left ankle which prevented me from running or playing tennis. I was advised that I needed surgery to reinforce a partially torn peroneus brevis tendon and to shift inward the place where my heel struck the ground in walking (by severing and reattaching the heel). I declined the surgery and tried several physical therapy approaches, but without success. Andrew showed me the Feldenkrais approach of learning better ways of moving. After focusing on my heel strike and walk for several months, with follow up practice on my own, I was able to resume normal use of my left ankle. No surgery. Over time, with Andrew's guidance applying Feldenkrais, I have learned to stand, walk and run with less stress and better posture; create a more flexible spine without the chronic lumbar pain I had experienced; add mobility to my  neck, chest and hips, and to breathe more deeply. Andrew has an inexhaustible trove of approaches to movement and the ability to teach them so that I can have them available for use as more efficient alternatives to old habits. I have been continuously interested for over five years."
—G.S., Attorney

"Thanks to Andrew I have enjoyed five international bike vacations and a trek in Bhutan. Before I started working with Andrew, I had so many nagging hip, knee and ankle problems that none of these trips was even imaginable. Andrew has many remarkable strengths, but I most want to highlight his ability to help me internalize a different way of moving. Over the years I’ve tried a variety of physical and movement therapies that have all made me feel better temporarily, but haven’t addressed the underlying problems that have always cropped up again in some form or other. Andrew’s work stands out because he has taught me to move differently in a way that addresses the root problems and that has gelled in my body and brain. I no longer try to move some way because someone told me to do so, but because that’s what my mind and body actually want to do. This change is completely thanks to Andrew. Not only has Andrew helped me enjoy a much more active life, but he’s also restored my optimism. I no longer think of life’s physical aches and pains as signs of an inevitable downward spiral, but as puzzles that provide opportunities for improvement. This is a gift that I hope whoever is reading this will be able to experience as well."
—Susan Hibberd, Banking Consultant

"Andrew Gibbons is the Feldenkrais teacher I needed to meet years ago.  Learning the basic principles of movement and posture that he teaches is life changing.  Under Andrew’s expertise, I no longer have chronic pain and I avoided corrective surgery.  I have regained walking stamina and a more normal life.  Andrew is keen in his assessments and phenomenally accurate with his touch.   He is patient and kind and invests himself deeply in the learning process.  In Functional Integration, ATMs and Mentoring, Andrew generously and concretely shares his knowledge providing substance that sustains me.  I continue to work with Andrew to refine the quality of my movement, my posture and my life.  I couldn’t have a better teacher."
—M.L., retired art teacher and museum conservator.

"I first started Feldenkrais training with Andrew at the suggestion of Denise Kahn, my amazing piano teacher and friend.  She thought that it might improve my sense of freedom and coordination at the piano.  I bought Awareness Through Movement, the seminal book by Moshe Feldenkrais that is the foundation of the method.  I didn’t understand it.  I also began weekly sessions with Andrew, since increased to twice-weekly as I started finding more and more value to the training.  But in the beginning, my work was largely based on trust, in Andrew and in my piano teacher.  Feldenkrais, I came to realize, is a process, not a goal, just as freedom, whether physical or mental, is a process.

Andrew’s work is gentle, not to be confused with exercise where one strives to achieve a particular outcome – running a 5K or lifting a 50 pound weight (neither of which I am capable).  He establishes trust through humor and a calm, soothing manner. There is an ease to his personality.  He coaxes but doesn’t push one beyond one’s capacities.  He encourages rather than instructs. He takes time to explore with you, showing how body image influences how we move.  His methods are slow but sure. I look forward to our sessions. I have certainly experienced greater freedom in movement since I started seeing Andrew – walking, playing the piano, moving around the kitchen – in countless ways, some of which I’m sure I don’t even realize.  I’m told that I play with considerably greater ease than before.  And Andrew is a delight to work with!  Thanks, Andrew!"
— Joan Faber, client for over 7 years


"Working with Andrew, I am amazed at the shifts I’ve made in the quality of my movement and posture. I have studied with him both in private sessions and in workshops and it is always a pleasurable and illuminating experience. As I’ve applied the Feldenkrais principles Andrew teaches, my breathing is dramatically better, and I’ve experienced relief from chronic tension, improved mental clarity and focus, and greater productivity throughout my day."
—Sheila Mulrennan, Financial Consultant

"Andrew is borderline genius. After observing you enter the room, he is able to identify the area of your body which is most in need of help. Working with Andrew has helped me to stand straighter, walk more efficiently and has even made my neck appear longer. Andrew is a serious and extremely intelligent Feldenkrais practitioner. He is creative and studious, constantly investigating ways to increase his considerable store of knowledge and experience."
—Cynthia S., Artist

"I have suffered from neck pain for many years. After trying numerous modalities to alleviate the pain such as chiropractic, neurological and even cortisone injections, I would sometimes get relief for a day or two but the pain would soon return. As a last resort, I made an appointment with Andrew Gibbons for a private session which is called Functional Integration. As I continued to work with Andrew, the pain in my neck slowly began to lessen for longer periods of time. As of today, I have practically been free of all neck pain for about six months. Andrew has an intuitive approach to how the body and the nervous system are organized. It's as if he is able to unwind the errors in anatomy that have built up over the years. If you are in pain and have given up hope for relief, I strongly suggest that you give Andrew a call." 
— Mel Markowitz, Ph.D., Queens, NY 

"I decided to seek an alternative form of therapy when doctors were recommending that I needed surgery on both my hip and lower back.  After nine years of physical therapy, countless cortisone shots and hundreds of visits to my chiropractor, I found Andrew and began my Feldenkrais work.  I have been pain free for the last 3 months!  I have been able to resume my normal routines of walking, yoga and dance, and with Andrew's help and guidance I am incorporating it all into a new way of moving that is therapeutic and natural at the same time.  Andrew is a gifted practitioner and an inspiring teacher as well!"
— Barbara Carlsen, Violinist, Conductor, Teacher, New York, NY

"Studying with Andrew, over the last five years, has been an incredible journey that has allowed me to safely lift weights at the gym without having to visit the chiropractor (which used to be the case before my study of Feldenkrais). Andrew teaches in a non-judgmental manner that allows me to feel free in continually discovering the many intricacies of the method. I recommend Andrew and The Feldenkrais Method because of the profound difference it makes with movement and posture."
—Kara Bilof, writer


"[I] Worked with Andrew while in marathon training. Tremendously helpful! Improved my gait and better integrated the whole flow of motion. Also definitely alleviated knee pain that I was experiencing prior to working with Andrew." 
— Zach Meredith, New Haven, CT


 "Studying the Feldenkrais Method® with Andrew Gibbons is proving to be a life-changing experience. I initially sought out lessons because of years of debilitating back pain secondary to a skeletal abnormality. The pain has subsided to the point where we are able to focus on applying the principles of ease and lightness of movement to issues relating to the piano, my great passion. In addition to Andrew's expertise and inexhaustible patience, working with him is a pleasure because of his collaborative style. I think it's the hallmark of a great teacher to tune in to an individual student's particular way of learning and then to work with that style with sensitivity and flexibility. Andrew searches for the metaphor or visual image that clarifies the particular principle until I grasp it experientially. We then continue to work together to refine the experience. That Andrew can do this while always being encouraging and frequently demonstrating a delightful sense of humor makes studying with him a joy." 
— Phyllis Kaplan, M.D. , New York, NY, client for over 7 years. 


"I've had many sessions with Andrew over the last five years. He's helped alleviate serious neck and shoulder pain on many occasions, and in general after each session I always feel better. Without exception I have new insights after working with him that I can take home so as to continue the learning that started with his lesson. I highly recommend Andrew." 
— Carrey Haskell, Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner, Los Angeles, CA


"After decades of playing piano, I’m glad to have finally found Andrew Gibbons. He is both an excellent Feldenkrais® Practitioner and a trained musician with intimate knowledge of the musical and physical issues that confront every performer. I strongly urge musicians at every level to experience this work. It makes an enormous difference." 
— Kathryn Arizmendi, Pianist, Teacher, New York, NY


"Andrew is highly knowledgeable, intelligent, gentle, precise, and encouraging. I saw him for a long standing ankle/foot problem. He clarified for me how to sit, stand and walk more efficiently, safely and comfortably. As a result, I feel stronger, younger and lighter on my feet--and this, after only three lessons. I look forward to more! p.s. I saw one of my close friends yesterday and she immediately saw a difference in my walk--she said I look more upright and younger!" 
— Lisbeth Davidow, MEd, Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 1994, Los Angeles, CA


"Andrew: Thank You for your work. We won, MS lost. I enjoyed glorious movement during my vacation!" 
— Lucille Leonard, School Teacher, Brooklyn, NY


"I was referred to the Andrew Gibbons for Feldenkrais lessons by my physician to improve the strength and health of my bones. After sitting at my desk all day looking at a multiple computer screens, I used to feel drained and sore. I was losing the battle with gravity. Since working with Andrew, the tension and soreness are gone and the end of my day feels as loose as the start. In our work we have explored and refined the essential anatomical and dynamic principles of sitting, standing and walking to the point where I have trained myself to move in a way that feels not only safer and more stable, but almost weightless. The best part is that if I notice tightness or strain, I know how to adjust my own physical organization to find immediate relief.  My body is once again responsive, flexible and intelligent, and the confusion around these issues is gone. Through clear instruction in a calm learning environment, Andrew offers no less than the user’s manual to the body. His lessons build on one another, freeing his clients to explore and continue growing on their own. The contact with the ground that Andrew teaches has provided me with an extraordinary foundation for my overall well-being and ease in any activity I choose. In Andrew's hands, the method comes alive as an invitation to being embodied in the world, to the pure joy of movement, and to spontaneous healing. Andrew's professionalism is second only to his humanity. He engenders an atmosphere of calm and trust in which simple, but radical learning can happen."  
— Andrew Shapiro, Entrepreneur/Consultant, Brooklyn, NY